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Welcome to the Pay It Forward Futures (PIFF)

What the Heck is a PIFF?

PIFF (Pay It Forward Futures) is:

"A  multi-cultural/generational organization that empowers women and  families past life’s barriers with a hand up and not a hand out." 

Imagine … a woman is trying to create a sustainable life for herself  and her family. Unfortunately, life issues hinder her. Not enough  education, court fines, absence of transportation, and lack of skills  are some common  barriers. These women are the focus niche of PIFF.

 Since 2009, PIFF’s Motto of a “Hand Up and not a Hand Out” has  exemplified what our members have come to expect in regaining  self-confidence for their personal self-sustainability. 

PIFF’s Future  Life Improvement Program (FLIP) is individualized per PIFF member and  starts with a review by trained instructors of each member’s personal  history and factors that contributed to her current situation. This  dialogue is designed to uncover obstacles that are providing the current  roadblock(s) to success. A personal FLIP plan is created to help move  members’ overcome education deficits, create budgets, overcome  transportation barriers and more. PIFF works with women and families in Hernando and Pasco Counties, Florida.  Our members’ ages range from 18 to 80 years old. Education levels vary  from high school drop outs to college educated. PIFF FLIP engages women  and their families in Professional and Personal Development.  Professional development equips members with skills that prepare them  for a successful career in the workforce, or in self-employment.  Personal development help members become self-sustaining along with  being physically and emotionally healthy. 

Our “Paying It Forward” Philosophy

As a launching point for positive action, we strongly encourage our  members to take the love, courage and leadership that they find at PIFF  and “pay it forward” to the local community.  Through our outreach  programs our families spend a minimum of 3 hours per month donating  their time to projects in the community.    


PIFF was honored to receive the very prestigious Shining Star Award from the United Way of Hernando County for outstanding service and dedication to our community!

PIFF Kids Christmas